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ubuntuone::controlpanel::gtk::gui::FileSyncStatus Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def humanize
def load
def on_connect_clicked
def on_disconnect_clicked
def on_enable_clicked
def on_file_sync_status_disabled
def on_file_sync_status_disconnected
def on_file_sync_status_error
def on_file_sync_status_idle
def on_file_sync_status_starting
def on_file_sync_status_stopped
def on_file_sync_status_syncing
def on_files_start_error
def on_restart_clicked
def on_start_clicked
def on_stop_clicked

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple CONNECT = _('Connect')
tuple DISCONNECT = _('Disconnect')
tuple ENABLE = _('Enable')
tuple ENABLE_TOOLTIP = _('Enable the file sync service')
tuple FILE_SYNC_DISABLED = _('File Sync is disabled.')
tuple FILE_SYNC_DISCONNECTED = _('File Sync is disconnected.')
tuple FILE_SYNC_ERROR = _('File Sync error.')
tuple FILE_SYNC_IDLE = _('File Sync is up-to-date.')
tuple FILE_SYNC_STARTING = _('File Sync starting...')
tuple FILE_SYNC_STOPPED = _('File Sync is stopped.')
tuple FILE_SYNC_SYNCING = _('File Sync in progress...')
tuple RESTART = _('Restart')
tuple RESTART_TOOLTIP = _('Restart the file sync service')
tuple START = _('Start')
tuple START_TOOLTIP = _('Start the file sync service')
tuple STOP = _('Stop')
tuple STOP_TOOLTIP = _('Stop the file sync service')

Private Member Functions

def _on_button_clicked
def _update_status

Detailed Description

A file sync status widget.

Definition at line 1331 of file gui.py.

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