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ubuntuone::controlpanel::dbus_service::ControlPanelBackend Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def account_info
def AccountInfoError
def AccountInfoReady
def change_device_settings
def change_replication_settings
def change_volume_settings
def connect_files
def DeviceRemovalError
def DeviceRemoved
def devices_info
def DeviceSettingsChanged
def DeviceSettingsChangeError
def DevicesInfoError
def DevicesInfoReady
def disable_files
def disconnect_files
def enable_files
def file_sync_status
def FilesConnected
def FilesConnectError
def FilesDisabled
def FilesDisableError
def FilesDisconnected
def FilesDisconnectError
def FilesEnabled
def FilesEnableError
def FilesRestarted
def FilesRestartError
def FilesStarted
def FilesStartError
def FilesStopError
def FilesStopped
def FileSyncStatusChanged
def FileSyncStatusDisabled
def FileSyncStatusDisconnected
def FileSyncStatusError
def FileSyncStatusIdle
def FileSyncStatusStarting
def FileSyncStatusStopped
def FileSyncStatusSyncing
def install_bookmarks_extension
def InstallBookmarksError
def InstallBookmarksSuccess
def process_status
def query_bookmark_extension
def QueryBookmarksError
def QueryBookmarksResult
def remove_device
def replications_info
def ReplicationSettingsChanged
def ReplicationSettingsChangeError
def ReplicationsInfoError
def ReplicationsInfoReady
def restart_files
def shutdown
def start_files
def stop_files
def UnauthorizedError
def volumes_info
def VolumeSettingsChanged
def VolumeSettingsChangeError
def VolumesInfoError
def VolumesInfoReady

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Export the Control Panel backend thru DBus.

Definition at line 114 of file dbus_service.py.

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